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" I just finished reading your book yesterday. I am not big on reading books on finance but I finished it in just 2 days! It was easy to read and enjoyable. As you know my husband and I have been using your strategies for years but because I am a visual learner seeing it all in writing helped me so much. Your book is a great accomplishment and I hope it gets into alot of peoples hands so you can truly bless their lives financially and personally."


                                                                             Thank you again, 
Kathy Letsinger__Rockford, IL



Hi, and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Antonio Filippone but you can call me Tony.


I specialize in helping people reach their financial goals by using my super simple

"3 page plan" system that won't make your head spin or your brain turn to mush! Let me explain...


16 years ago when I started in the financial planning industry I was trained by a well know financial services company to sell financial plans to Middle American families and here is what I learned... that they don't want you to know...




"We really appreciate all the time and effort you put into helping us come up with a financial plan tailored for our situation. It isn’t the easiest thing to do but with your help and patience we finally did it. It is comforting to know that we could put our trust in you as an honest person. We felt confident in your financial knowledge and are glad you shared it with us so that we could make well advised decisions. All the more important in such an uncertain world – is to have a plan – for this we thank you" 


                                                                                        Mike & Sharon T__ Pecatonica, IL



As a new recruit fresh out of college I was trained to meet with people and sell them on the idea that they needed a financial plan. (most of them did in fact need a plan) Then once they agreed we would fill out a long detailed form, charge a fee, and run back to the office where we would fax up that form to a processing center. The center would email back a cookie cutter 300 page book filled with facts, figures, charts, graphs and some financial recommendations. I would then print out this book, place it in a nice leather bound binder and review it with my new client.


The truth of the matter was that most of the guys and gals selling these so called "plans" (including me at that time) didn't fully understand the contents of that book any more than the family that had just shelled out $400 or more to buy it!

But that wasn't the only problem...



"We really appreciated the way you took the time to explain things too us and how you were not pushy as other advisors we have met with in the past.


We also wanted to let you know that we have never met someone in your field who was so considerate and truly interested in the person, not just the bottom line.


Thank you for all of your help".


                                                                                         Donna and Leon F____ Winnebego, IL


The other problem with this process was the way we went about creating the plan. We would ask the family what their financial goals were and create the plan around what they wanted to achieve. The problem with this strategy was that in order for most people to reach their financial goals (emergency fund, college education, proper insurances, retirement planning) they needed to come up with hundreds of dollars per month that they just did not have and so most of the people who bought these plans never took any action.    


It didn't take me very long to figure out that the entire process was flawed and wasted alot of time and energy for all involved. I knew there had to be a better way and so I spent the next 8 years researching the field of financial planning so I could better help those people I was trying to serve. Read on to see what I discovered...


"Tony, it has been exciting, motivating and invigorating to watch the return on our investment.  You made predictions to us about the growth of our investment almost 3 years and one child ago.  What you say, really DOES come true!  Despite a “down” market, we came within $100.00 of our goal on the plan you set up with us.


We can look back now at what could have been a frustrating and dead end dream, and watch it become reality!  This makes us even more excited to see what other investment opportunities you will bring to us. 


There are not many people I know that do what they promise but you are definitely one of them".

                                                                                                   Sincere Thanks,

                                                                                                   Noel and Sonja N__, Rockford, IL


What I discovered was an alternative planning method  that I now call the"3 page plan" system. It was so easy that almost all of the families I shared it with were immediately able to benefit from it. Here is why I think it works so well...


Instead of trying to help people reach all of their financial goals only to find out that they just don't have the money to do everything they would like here is what I do instead. I start with what people are doing now that can be dramatically improved without them having to come up with any additional money per month.  I found out quickly that when people were not asked to part with any money they were alot more likely to take action that would improve their financial outlook. (kind of a no brainier, right?)


I simply start by making better use of what people are already doing. What I discovered is that most people are doing all kinds of things with their money that could easily be tweaked to yield improved results for their future with very little effort and almost no change at all to their current lifestyle or spending habits. All most people need is to be made aware of some "little known money strategies" that wealthy people have been using for years. These strategies are not complex, or hard to understand, but in some cases they do fly in the face of conventional wisdom. But then again if conventional wisdom were so great we would all be rich and happy already right? And come to think of it you probably would not be visiting my website.


It was a long journey but the lessons I have learned and the "little know money strategies" I've discovered have changed my personal financial life and the life of those I've helped in ways I never even imagined were possible. It is my hope that I can share these ideas and strategies with you so you can achieve the same level of financial security that I have found and that is why I created this website.


"Planning for financial security in retirement can be a daunting task, especially for those not well acquainted with the many choices and options.


Your low key, relaxed approach puts people at ease. We never felt pressure to make a “sell” –Thanks for helping us better understand how best to prepare for life after 65!"


                                                                                                      Ray and Sherry E___, Rockford, IL



Here is what I can help you learn more about:


  • Getting out of debt and staying out Forever!


  • Saving more money for Retirement than you thought possible.


  • Legally avoiding income taxes on your hard earned savings.


  • Stop losing money in the stock market.


  • Getting stock market linked gains with no downside risk.


  • Setting up a Tax-Free Retirement Income Stream (Without the limitations of a Roth IRA)


  • Rolling-over your 401k or IRA Without making any rollover mistakes.


  • Avoiding the 20% withholding trap when rolling-over your company sponsored retirement plans.


  • Making sure all of your money goes to your heirs and not the IRS.


  • Avoiding beneficiary mistakes on your IRA's. (These mistakes are more common than you might think)


  • Transitioning from your work life to your retirement life.


  • Creating income from your savings you can never outlive, guaranteed.



Where Do You Go From Here?


It’s really up to you. You can keep on doing what you are doing now or you can find out how to fully capitalize on the ideas we have been talking about.


To learn more we offer you two options…


1)     You can come in for a free consultation where we will find out if you could benefit from any of the "little know money strategies" that I teach. There is no fee for this visit and you are not obligated to do anything further with us. That being said about 80% of the time when we have a free consultation meeting we will point out at this visit areas where you could dramatically improve your financial future without you having to spend any additional money. To take advantage of this consultation simply call us today to see when we can get you in  at (815) 633-9595.


2)     If you are not sure you are ready to sit down face to face and you would rather get

            to know me a little first than I encourage you to CLICK HERE to order your 

            FREE Consumer Awareness guide, "The Seven Most Common Mistakes 

            People Make When Planning For Retirement" when you order it you will also

             receive our free financial tips newsletter and also a special invitation. This   

             invitation is so that you can come meet me at one of our free “money

            workshops” and learn more about my innovative financial strategies and get a

            better feel for if you think they would work for you. You can even bring another 

            couple or a friend with you so you won’t feel alone. You have my word, You will

            NOT be asked to buy anything, or sign up for anything at these workshops. It is 

            strictly a free educational event. Please leave your checkbook at home. But

            make sure you reserve your spot quickly as seats for these events tend to fill

            up fast.


Thanks again for visiting my site please feel free to poke around and check out some of the valuable free information that I have placed here for your benefit. I hope it helps.


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